Privacy Policy

Any sort of Personal or Private details provided to Jestilo through this website or email will be used in strict accordance to our privacy policy. By providing us your details you are consenting to its use in accordance to our privacy policy.

We may request following information

  1. Name
  2. Email Address
  3. Mailing Address (to ship an item)
  4. Contact Number (to contact you for an issue)

The required information will be used to provide you best customer experience, while maintaining you privacy. We may send you promotion content which the user always have the option to opt out of.

Links to other Websites. There might be links to other websites on our website. However, once you are on other websites we provide no guarantee or take responsibility of any loss of personal information. Please be careful when going on other websites. Currently the only link on our website are product listings on Amazon UK where our products are sold.